The Awe of Nature – Why we should seek it out

The Awe of Nature is a thoughtful narrative that takes readers on an extraordinary journey from the wonders of the Amazon rainforest to the terror of forest fires in northern Saskatchewan.

Written in the same easy-to-connect-with style of Wild Roots – Coming Alive in the French Amazon, The Awe of Nature is rich with touching and inspiring anecdotes collected from authors across ages, continents, and cultures, which remind us that while the world has changed, the path toward a fulfilling and joyful life has not.

Gazing across an ocean of pristine rainforest, staring into the eyes of a wild crab dog, or hiking in the Sierra Nevada: These experiences have the power to detach us from the mundane concerns and consumer mentality that clutter our daily lives; and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

Awe engenders humility and a gratitude for life. Once we allow ourselves to truly experience that, it is ours forever. We need only shut our eyes and tune into its power to gain a sense of our own awesomeness—the freedom to simply be.

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