French Guiana – The Bizarre and the Beautiful


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“Despite being home to the largest snakes, biggest rodents and most ferocious mosquitoes in the world, Donna Mulvenna falls in love with French Guiana, taking readers on a humorous, chaotic and entertaining journey that can only result in a severe case of wanderlust.”

“Humour, wonder, history, curiosity, confusion, chaos, love, kindness and stunning beauty to the downright bizarre… it is all here in this book.”

French Guiana might not be the first place you think of when you pick a travel destination.  It probably wouldn’t even be the first place in South America. But it is a land of pristine rain forests and wild nature that offers more adventure and deadly infectious diseases than your average two week holiday in Spain could ever throw at you.

In this wittily written fact-filled book, full of the joy of life and travel, Donna tells of an exciting journey to a strange and mysterious land, where she dodged a multitude of life-threatening infectious diseases and death by giant river monsters, and how she retained her sense of humour when many people would have lost theirs in the first sweltering night with a broken air conditioning unit.

French Guiana unlocked a hidden spirit within her. Once it was there she knew she would never lose it. Inside this book you will get those same feelings, as you allow yourself to be immersed in one of the most unusual countries in the world.